2304 Silverdale Dr. #600
Johnson City, TN 37601

safety at Just Jump

At Just Jump we strive to have the safest trampoline park in the industry. We owe it to our guests to keep them as safe as possible, minimize injuries and do everything to ensure they leave with a “bounce” in their step.

general guidelines & procedures

  • The most important aspect of safety on a trampoline is control; uncontrolled bouncing, flipping and twisting is not allowed.
  • Reinforce the “safety stop” technique to stop bouncing on the trampoline. Land on both feet with knees flexed and hands forward in a “stop” position.
  • No running, tag games or horseplay are allowed.
  • No group tricks or group acrobatics allowed.
  • Landing on the pads can cause serious injuries and should be avoided and stopped immediately.
  • There should always be ample distance between each bouncer; separate them immediately if they are too close. No double bouncing ever, ever, ever!
  • No flipping over pads onto another trampoline.
  • No double flips ever! That means triples also!
  • All jumpers should perform only within their ability level. If a jumper is dangerously “flinging and flipping” themselves, stop them immediately. Direct them to the air bag.
  • All new participants should be instructed on “safe trampolining” and park rules before letting them onto the trampoline courts (see below).
  • Use of trampolines under the influence of drugs or alcohol is always prohibited, if you suspect an “under the influence jumper,” report that person immediately to a manager.

just jump rules

  • All participants must have a valid waiver to participate. Everyone under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by a Parent OR Court-Appointed Legal Guardian NO EXCEPTIONS – EVER.
  • All participants must wear an appropriate colored wristband to participate.
  • Parents/Guardians must wear a wristband if on a trampoline.
  • We reserve the right to take away anyone’s wristband.
  • No one is allowed on the premises while under the influence of drugs or alcohol!
  • Do not jump if you are pregnant or have other health limitations or injuries.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated!
  • No food, drinks or gum on or near the courts
  • NO objects allowed in pockets – lockers and cubbies are provided.
  • NO sharp objects such as jewelry, belts or clothing with studs or rivets.
  • Trampoline Grip Socks ONLY on trampolines – NO BARE FEET OR SHOES!
  • Any items left unattended will be placed in Just Jump’s Lost & Found.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a guardian.

open jump area

  • Court Rules

    • FIRST – warm up.
    • Children ages 6 and under and children under 48″ tall are only allowed in the right hand side of Open Jump.
    • Always be aware of those around you and remain at least an arm’s length away from others.
    • Only two jumpers per trampoline.
    • No flips on or off the hang time boxes or in the area between the two boxes.
    • Do not affect another jumper’s bounce in any way.
    • Do not sit or lie down in the courts.
    • No rough play, playing “tag” or running.
    • No climbing or hanging on the wall pads or nets.
    • Always do a “safety stop” before walking off the trampolines or when getting too close to another jumper.
    • Always walk on and off the courts.
    • No food or drinks near or around trampoline courts.


  • Court Rules

    • Children age 6 and under are not allowed in the dodgeball court outside of Toddler Time.
    • Start each game on the trampoline (not pad) with one hand on the trampoline wall.
    • Do not throw the first shot until you return to the wall.
    • Do not crush or pinch the balls.
    • NO head shots or any un-sportsman like conduct…THIS IS AN INSTANT OUT!
    • If you are hit, your ball is caught or you cross the center line –YOU ARE OUT!
    • If the referee calls you out, YOU ARE OUT!
    • Once a ball hits a non-human object, IT IS DEAD!
    • You may deflect a ball coming towards you by using a ball in your hands.
    • DO NOT KICK the balls!
    • DO NOT land on the pads, dive or run!
    • Always land on two feet with flexed knees.
    • Be aware of those around you, and do not affect another jumper’s bounce.
    • Each game has a four-minute limit.
    • Arms go up when out and walk down center pads.

gladiator pit

  • Court Rules

    • Always walk slowly across the beam to get into position
    • Wait until Court Attendant signals you to “start your battle.”
    • No shots to the head- that is an instant OUT!
    • Once you fall into the foam, your turn is over and you must climb out and get back in line.
    • Keep both hangs on jousting sticks at all times.
    • You cannot knock the person who won off the beam.
    • Never land on your head or abdomen when landing in the foam pit.
    • No flips into the foam…EVER!
    • You must listen to ALL directions from the attendant.
    • NEVER try to jump towards edge of pit…stay in the middle of the beam.
    • No unsportsman like conduct- EVER


  • Court Rules

    • ONLY ONE jumper on each basketball court.
    • ONLY one shot or dunk per turn – whether you make it or not.
    • NO hanging on rim or backboard EVER!
    • ALWAYS follow Court Attendant’s instructions.
    • NO reverse dunks.
    • Always land on two feet, with flexed knees.
    • After shooting basket, ALWAYS look for purple border pads while landing. Landing while looking up can cause injuries.
    • DO NOT land on the pads or jump into opposite court!
    • NO kicking or throwing basketballs into opposite court or at netted wall.
    • NO running up side wall or into side nets.
    • No flips.
    • Do not take shots while someone is dunking.
    • Stay in control at all times.

air bag

  • Court Rules

    • NO DIVING ONTO AIR BAG – No landing head first or on belly where heels can drive up overhead.
    • DO NOT attempt to jump onto air bag until Court Attendant gives you the “okay”.
    • Only ONE jumper at a time off each trampoline.
    • No forward moving back flips (“gainers”) or back flips of any kind into Air Bag.
    • NEVER attempt skills beyond your ability, injuries can happen on an air bag.
    • No double flips EVER!
    • NO sharp objects allowed on clothing or in pockets.
    • Exit off bag quickly and in your lane.

obstacle course area

  • Court Rules

    • Always wait for the Court Attendant to give you the “go ahead” before traversing through the obstacle course.
    • Once you fall into the foam, quickly continue on the course or climb out and get back in line.
    • NEVER attempt any skills beyond your ability.
    • Never land on your head or abdomen when landing in the foam pit.
    • No flips into the foam at ANY TIME!
    • You must listen to directions from the Just Jump Team Member or you won’t be allowed to use this area.
    • NEVER try to jump towards the edge of the pit onto platform.

kiddie zone rules

  • Court Rules

    • This is an area for kids 6 & under and under 70 pounds.
    • It is the parent’s responsibility to watch their kids in our park, but adults sit on side – no bouncing.
    • No climbing on nets or fences.
    • No tag games or running.
    • Please report any concerns to our staff.
    • No bouncing off trampolines onto carpet – stop your bounce and walk off.
    • Only two (2) per trampoline track.
    • Stay arms distance apart.